Cover Reveal for A Thousand Li: The Third Cut

Cover Reveal: The Third Cut

Exciting news! We're thrilled to reveal the cover for Book 9 in the A Thousand Li series.

The Third Cut also features artwork by our new artist, who will be completing the remaining books in the series.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming release!

A Thousand Li: The Third Cut - Xianxia Cultivation Progression Fantasy

About the Book

An Ill Wind Blows from the South

As corruption seeps from the southern kingdom of Nanyue, Wu Ying sets out on a dangerous journey to uncover its source. Spirit stones have become corrupted, with twisted daos embedded within. If left unchecked, this corruption threatens to spread across the world.

With the guidance of the wind of heaven, Wu Ying travels across the exotic kingdom where he must confront powerful daos and perilous threats. Along the way, he is aided by companions new and old as he battles to stop the corruption before it is too late.

Preorder The Third Cut now through our Shop and read the book on August 1st, a month before the Amazon and Kindle Unlimited release.

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