New Release: Flat Out Audiobook

New Release: Flat Out Audiobook

The Flat Out audiobook, co-written by Tao Wong and K.T. Hanna and narrated by Andrea Parsneau, is finally out on Audible!



Parenting in the apocalypse is the worst.

Two weeks into the System Apocalypse, and the transformations are just beginning. Mutated insects, carnivorous toads, and angry drop bears were not on the school curriculum, but when the apocalypse hits, you roll with it. Parenting a teenager has prepared Kira for the worst; she just didn’t expect that to include the end of the world.

A menacing conglomerate of alien hunters is breathing down their necks, and new threats lurk just over the hills. Kira and the rest of the Australian survivors of Brisbane must level up, bolster defenses, and prepare for an incoming invasion none of them foresaw.

In-between all that, she'll need to keep her family intact and functioning. All in a day's work for a single mom, really.

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