New Release: The System Finale Audiobook

New Release: The System Finale Audiobook

Narrated by Nick Podehl, Tao Wong's System Finale is now available on Starlit Publishing in audiobook format!

It will be exclusive to our site for a month before releasing on Audible in January.


About the Book

There's No Way Home...

Not for John Lee. His search for answers for the System Quest has taken him deep into the Forbidden Zone, into the very arms of his enemies. He's betrayed family and friends and been betrayed in turn. The most powerful human in the System has come to the final leg of his journey.

And still, he has no idea if what he will find will fill the burning need within him. For the Redeemer of the Dead will not stop, until the cries of the lost and the sacrificed are answered.

No matter the cost - to the universe, to Earth, or to himself.

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