New Releases: December Edition

New Releases: December Edition

We have two new book releases this month: Climbing the Ranks and The Sundering Blade!

Tao Wong's Climbing the Ranks is now available in eBook and audiobook format everywhere books are sold.

The Sundering Blade is now available as a Shop Exclusive. It will remain on our site until the end of December before entering Kindle Unlimited on January 1.

In the world of audiobooks, Apocalypse Grit is now out on Audible.


Climbing the Ranks

Climbing the Ranks cover

Mystical towers changed the world twenty years ago. Now, Arthur Chua faces the beginner tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, looking to change his destiny.

What was once a puzzling mystery has become a necessary part of economic growth. Climbing the Tower is the only form of escape available for one like Arthur, without money or connections. He's not looking to be a hero or famous, just a survivor.

Fate, on the other hand, has other plans for him. At long last, the reason for the arrival of the Towers will be revealed, and humanity will once again experience a seismic shift when the truth appears.

Of course, Arthur's going to have to survive long enough for that to happen...

Climbing the Ranks is a LitRPG Cultivation series set in a tower, similar to the Tower of Gods and Solo Leveling. Written by bestselling author Tao Wong, his other series include the System Apocalypse, A Thousand Li, Hidden Wishes and Adventures on Brad series.

This novel is the e-book version of the free web serial. You may read the entire ongoing story on our site free of charge.


The Sundering Blade

The Sundering Blade

Newly minted an Elder of the Verdant Green Waters sect, sword prodigy Elder Cheng Zhao Wan - the Sundering Blade - is forced to leave the sect to fulfil an old obligation. A benefactor from the past is injured and has demanded Elder Cheng locate his assailant.

Forced to listen to the ramblings of a dying old man, amidst a small and unfamiliar sect, who Elder Cheng can trust is unknown. Was the injury nothing more than happenstance, or is something more dire afoot?

For once, Elder Cheng finds that his skill with the sword might be the least of his gifts.

A Thousand Li: The Sundering Blade is a standalone prequel to the bestselling A Thousand Li series. It features a younger Master Cheng and can be read in any order alongside the main series.


Apocalypse Grit

The land rush is over. With just a few open stakes remaining two years after the System’s arrival on Earth, the incoming alien groups turn on each other in a cutthroat struggle for dominance.

These conflicts are ripe opportunities for bold adventurers and bounty hunter Hal Mason isn’t one to miss his chance. When a trade dispute between two powerful Galactic factions escalates into open warfare, Mason plunges headfirst into the fray.

Hal soon discovers that he’s not the only hunter seeking to temper his strength in the forge of combat. In this crucible against more experienced killers, winner takes all.

And in the System, all means a lot more than just his life.

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