Out Now on All Retailers: Chaotic Apéritifs

Now on All Retailers: Chaotic Apéritifs

Return to the Nameless Restaurant in Tao Wong's Chaotic Apéritifs, out now on Amazon, Audible and other book retailers.

Chaotic Apéritifs

About the Book

The Only Constant with Magic is Change.

Mo Meng is reminded of that fact once again, as the Nameless Restaurant faces a new challenge. Magic and its old wielders are returning to the world. For the restaurant, wards of anonymity and camouflage are fading, leading to the arrival of new customers. And some older friends.

What started as a way to pass the decades and feed a few customers has become actual work.

The world is changing, and to face it, the Nameless Restaurant, along with its proprietor and patrons, will need to embrace the change with a good meal and new friends.

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