Now on Amazon: Magic Kingdom at War Vol. 2

Now on Amazon: Magic Kingdom at War Vol. 2

The second volume of Magic Kingdom at War is finally here!

Whether you prefer swiping through your Kindle or immersing yourself in the audiobook narrated by Neil Hellegers on Audible, the next chapter of Matt's epic journey is ready for you to explore.

About the Book

Another day, another gold piece, another unit destroyed.

Matt’s encountered his first opponent and is getting a hang of being lord of all he surveys. Of course, that’s only a few hexes away from his fort, but it’s the thought that counts. Now that he has an objective, he’s going to need ramp up unit production, balance gold production and the egos of his two Heroes.

Just another day when your Magic Kingdom is at War.

Magic Kingdom at War is a tactical, base-building, crunchy LitRPG novella series by Tao Wong.

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