Now on Amazon: The Fourth Stage

Now on Amazon: The Fourth Stage

Tao Wong's A Thousand Li: The Fourth Stage is available now on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited and Audible!

Return to the Verdant Green Waters Sect with Wu Ying now...

About the Book

Returning to the Verdant Green Waters sect over a decade after his exile, Wu Ying finds his position and place within the Sect in flux. Strong enough to be an Elder but not having achieved his rank via the normal methods, he has jealous and worried rivals to contend with. It is reminiscent of his own past, but now, he's an Elder and able to enact transformation in a broader sense.

Wu Ying must find his own place in the sect or leave it once and for all. The cultivation wounds he received in the south trouble him, and it will require time and resources - resources the Sect is able to provide - for him to stabilize his footing before he continues his climb to ascension. As with all things, immortality is never easy to grasp.

A Thousand Li: the Fourth Stage is the tenth book of the xianxia series, A Thousand Li. It begins the final arc of Wu Ying's journey to immortality, the trials and tribulations he faces and the leg of his journey.

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