Sci-Fi & Fantasy Indie Author Grant for Minorities – 2022

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Indie Author Grant for Minorities – 2022

Starlit Publishing is funding a grant for an indie author!

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Message from Our Publisher, Tao Wong:

So, I got into a Nanowrimo Storybundle with my Marketing Strategy for Authors book and, along with just regular sales, I’ve managed to build up a tiny sum. Since I don’t really need to fund my lifestyle, and because of a previous experience helping a friend put out his book (Anubis War), I’ve decided to create a small grant.

Emphasis on small.

So here’s how this is going to work:

The Offer:

A $2,000 USD grant to be used for the publishing of a complete scifi & fantasy book as an independent author.

Note: We will NOT give the winner the money directly, but will work with the winner to pay for editing, proofing, formatting & covers (however they choose to use it) for the production of their book. This is to give us control to ensure that the money is being used correctly, and to do a sideways vet (hopefully) on those they work with. So, a small degree of coaching in that sense.

Eligiblity Requirements:

– a complete science fiction or fantasy manuscript of publishable quality

– willingness to publish said manuscript as an indie author

– maximum of three books published (this is meant for new authors to give them a leg-up)

– the author is a minority (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, etc. – no I’m not going to ask for proof. I would hope that people would not apply if they’re not eligible, but I’m not going to check for a number of reasons). 

– at least 18 years old

How to Apply:

– send an e-mail to with the subject “2022 Grant Application”

– in your cover letter / e-mail body, confirm you meet all eligibility requirements

– inform us why you want / need the grant and what your long-term career goals are

– include the first 3 pages of your manuscript (yes, there’s a minimum craft requirement to this grant. If you can’t string two sentences together, if you lack a strong author voice, etc – you’ll struggle with a career too). 

Deadline: Jan 31, 2022
Winner Announcement: Feb 28, 2022


Note: With this grant, the author will publish their book independently with Starlit Publishing’s assistance. Starlit Publishing will not be acting as the publisher. All copyright will stay with the author and Starlit Publishing will have no rights to it.

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