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Tao Wong

Redeemer of the Dead

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When all is lost, what makes you go on?

His life a wasteland post-System integration, John Lee struggles to deal with the weight of a world irrevocably changed.

Given great power by chance, his Levels a by-product of a rage that he finds unable to quench, John struggles to find the balance between a hatred for the System that destroyed his world and the benefits it gives him, allowing him to save even more.

Yet, as he draws survivors across the Yukon to Whitehorse, dangers grow in the deep wilderness, out of sight. It’s a race between Leveling and safety, for John and his friends.

One that they might be losing.

Redeemer of the Dead is the second book in the post-apocalyptic LitRPG bestselling series, the System Apocalypse. It combines urban fantasy, science fiction and apocalyptic elements along with video game mechanics.


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