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The System Apocalypse

Life in the North: Deluxe Edition (System Apocalypse #1)

Life in the North: Deluxe Edition (System Apocalypse #1)

By Tao Wong

Mark your calendars for November 2024 as Life in the North is getting a special deluxe edition

John wanted a vacation. He got an apocalypse.

When John sets out for a weekend camping trip in the Yukon, he never could have imagined the world would be plunged into chaos by the System–a mystical energy wave that destroys electronics and grants game-like powers to humanity. Suddenly, animals are evolving, monsters are spawning, and John finds himself equipped with a character sheet and incredible, physics-defying skills.

But surviving in this new reality won't be easy. John will have to get back to civilization through hordes of slavering monsters. And that's just the beginning - because with the arrival of the System, John will need to help rebuild society from the ruins up… and stop humanity from destroying itself along the way.

Life in the North is the first book in The System Apocalypse, an Apocalyptic LitRPG series that combines modern day life, science fiction and fantasy elements along with game mechanics.

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