A Fist Full of Credits – Out Now!

A Fist Full of Credits – Out Now!

We are excited to announce that the first book of a new series based in the System Apocalypse universe is now available to purchase on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited!

This series is written by debut author Craig Hamilton and will follow the character Hal Mason, who appeared in Craig’s short story from the System Apocalypse Short Story Anthology.

Bail bondsman. Veteran. Survivor.

Hal Mason’s still going to find surviving the System Apocalypse challenging.

While bringing in his latest fugitive, Hal’s payday is interrupted by the translucent blue boxes that herald Earth’s introduction to the System – a galaxy spanning wave of structured mystical energy that destroys all electronics and bestows game-like abilities upon mankind.

With society breaking down and mutating wildlife rampaging through the city of Pittsburgh, those who remain will sacrifice anything for a chance at earning their next Level. As bodies fall and civilization crumbles, Hal finds himself asking what price is his humanity. Are the Credits worth his hands being ever more stained with blood?

Or does he press on – relentless?

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