NOTE: Submissions are closed at this time for new authors. We are NOT taking any additional authors at this time as we switch towards a more co-authored approach to publication.


If you are interested in publishing with Starlit Publishing, please fill out the form below so that we can be in contact with you and discuss a potential working relationship. 

Please let us know the following information in your submission:

  • previous publishing history of author and the manuscript (if any)
  • current status of manuscript (we generally ONLY take completed manuscripts) and manuscript details. Specifically, title, word count, genre and status (first draft, completed, etc.)
  • details about your book (what your book is about, why we should publish it and what makes it different for our readers)
  • series plans (if any)

Please note that we would request the opening chapter to review if we decide to go ahead. Please do not send further information until we verify if your work is of interest.