Cover Reveal for A Thousand Li: The Fourth Stage

Cover Reveal: The Fourth Stage


Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey once again, as we are thrilled to announce the long-awaited cover reveal for the upcoming installment in the A Thousand Li series!

In this gripping continuation of the saga, we reunite with Wu Ying, who returns to the Verdant Green Waters sect after a decade of exile. Faced with jealous rivals, ancient wounds, and the pursuit of immortality, Wu Ying's quest for power takes a thrilling turn in this latest installment. As he navigates the intricate web of power struggles and personal redemption, the stakes are higher than ever before.

Mark your calendars, dear reader! A Thousand Li: The Fourth Stage is set to release on February 1, 2024 as a Shop Exclusive and then on March 1, 2024 on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Join us as we continue to explore the depths of magic, power, and destiny in the A Thousand Li Series...

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