New Novelettes from Tao Wong!

New Novelettes from Tao Wong!

Tao Wong’s novelettes, The Technopath and The Paragon, both of which are set in the new universe, Powers, Masks, & Capes, have just been released! 

Breaking News: Confessions of the Supervillain Mask the Technopath!

In an exclusive scoop, the Daily Messenger has acquired the transcript of the infamous Technopath’s interview with the Power Defense Authority upon her initial capture after the August 19th terrorist incident in downtown Mayson.

Among the shocking revelations in the transcript is allusions to the PDA knowing of her villainous sire, on-going abuse of the children of Masks and accusations of terrorism and collusion against Mordant Technologies.

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Shocking Revelations by the Paragon! Centuries old secrets revealed! Hidden identities!

Learn why the Paragon was missing during the Bareyes-Masgani War. Listen to the Paragon as he relates his full thoughts on the Powers Defense Act. Get his full thoughts of the penultimate superhero on anti-Capes like the Enforcer.

You won’t want to miss the first ever recorded interview by the Cape of capes!

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