New Release: Dungeon World Drifters

New Release: Dungeon World Drifters

Dungeon World Drifters, the second installment in Tao Wong and Craig Hamilton's System Apocalypse: Relentless series, is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.




The hunter becomes the hunted...

Bounty hunter Hal Mason is doing well for himself, a year after the System converted Earth into a lawless, apocalyptic Dungeon World.

Now, though, old friends have come calling with a new opportunity and with it, the murky politics of Galactic interests and overlapping contracts. Hal must protect the first train to cross the new wildlands of the American Midwest.

Broken terrain, monsters, Galactic renegades, and even System enhanced weather all plague the journey. With pressure building from external forces, hidden agendas threaten to tear the expedition apart from within.

Will Hal persevere or will he be consumed by the System?

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