New Releases: May 2023

New Releases: May 2023

We have two new releases today: The Nameless Restaurant (exclusive to our Shop) and The Cultist (available widely).


The Nameless Restaurant

The Nameless Restaurant

There is a restaurant in Toronto...

Its entrance is announced only by a simple, unadorned wooden door, varnished to a beautiful shine but without paint, hidden beside dumpsters and a fire escape. There is no sign, no indication of what lies behind the door.

If you do manage to find the restaurant, the décor is dated and worn. Homey, if one were to be generous.

The service is atrocious, the proprietor a grouch. The regulars are worse: silent, brooding, and unfriendly to newcomers. There is no set menu, alternating with the whim and whimsy of the owner. The selection of wine and beer is sparse or non-existent at times, and the prices for everything outrageous.

There is a restaurant in Toronto that is magically hidden, whose service is horrible, but whose food is divine.

This is the story of the Nameless Restaurant.

The Nameless Restaurant is now available exclusively on our Shop for the month of May.


The Cultist

The CultistThe Mysterious Power of the Cultist

In this exclusive interview, our intrepid reporter speaks to the enigmatic Cultist, about his past, his present and his future. Whether he is a Cape, a Mask or a Power, the Cultist has remained enigmatic and silent, a figure that pulls the strings of many without revealing much of himself.

Now, in this exciting interview, he reveals all.

Read the full interview of the Cultist, only available in the Daily Messenger!

The Cultist is now available on Amazon and other retailers.

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