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Adventures on Brad

A Royal Ending (Adventures on Brad #9)

A Royal Ending (Adventures on Brad #9)

Written by: Tao Wong
Narrated by: Eric Jason Martin
Audiobook Length: 5 hours and 14 minutes
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Read an Excerpt of A Royal Ending (Adventures on Brad #9)

In the royal capital of Brad, Warmount, there exists a party of Adventurers graced with both fortune and fate’s merciless gaze. For this party of Adventurers had gained royal favor, a favor that saw the third prince of the kingdom joining their ranks under the pretext of understanding the common man and making his way without the aid of his parents.

A common enough desire, though when expressed by a prince, engendered a series of noble plots and machinations. Drawn unwilling into the world of lordly intrigue are the members of the party. The original trio of Daniel Chai, an ex-Miner turned Adventurer with an Erlis-Gifted ability to heal even the most grievous wounds, at the price of his own memories. Asin, a member of the minority species of Beastkin that survived amongst the majority-human rule, her bestial, cat-like features gifting her speed and agility but also, marking her as other forevermore. And finally, Omrak, son of Losin, the large Northerner teenager who neared his twentieth birthday away from the sheer mountains and green pastures of his home. The team’s center and tank, their melee fighter whose bravery could only be matched by his straightforward heart.

Through numerous Adventures, starting from their time in Karlak, did the three forge an unbreakable bond of friendship as they grew in strength and skill alike. Joining the original trio were others like the Healer Anne, the noble Lady Nyssa and her bodyguard Charles, and Rob, the Selkie Enchanter. Some would leave, seeking better pastures or finding the life of danger and excitement of Adventuring too much for them. Others would seek safer environs, for Daniel’s unparalleled Gift of healing was as unusual as it was desired.

In the end, machinations and plots came to the fore with matters resolved in a trio of duels between manipulative nobles and the party. In the end, the party were victorious, though it came not without cost. Daniel’s Gift and the Price he paid were revealed for all to know, and the party now had a pair of open slots to fill. One of which was guaranteed to include the third prince.
Months later, the newly reformed party of Adventurers were in the midst of another delve into one of the many Dungeons of Warmount. An Advanced Class Dungeon, the party is hard pressed to guard both their royal addition and survive their encounter with the murderous monsters.


“Fall back, damn it!” Omrak roared, ducking a hard swipe. The attacking alligator-like creature with its long, biting snouts and clawed fingers was also seven feet tall, putting even the large, blond Northerner at an uncommon size disadvantage. That he had to handle three of them, all while wielding his giant two-handed sword by himself was difficult at the best of times.

Doing so when his companions were not in position and busy attempting to draw the attention of the monsters he was fighting in the cramped room they were in just made it harder.

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Release Date:

Pages: 309

Genre: LitRPG Fantasy

eBook ISBN: 9781990491412

Language: English

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About A Royal Ending (Adventures on Brad #9)

Can An Adventurer and a Prince Be Friends?

And can a Prince be an Adventurer? Those questions consume Daniel and his team, as their newest member tries to fit in. It's not an easy job, not among a bunch of experienced Adventurers, not when the Prince is impetuous and impatient to prove himself.

More than that, as they train, political forces long held in abeyance move in the shadows and Daniel and his team will be caught up in the play. In the end, Daniel will have to ask himself, how much will he sacrifice for a friend and fellow Adventurer?

A Royal Ending is the final book in the Adventurers on Brad series, concluding the LitRPG young adult fantasy written by bestselling author Tao Wong. Author of the System Apocalypse and A Thousand Li series, the Adventures on Brad features a gifted healer, a Catkin, a Northern barbarian warrior and noble intrigues in a LitRPG-inspired fantasy world.

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