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  • A Thousand Li: Books 1-3
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Tao Wong

A Thousand Li: Books 1-3

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Given a chance at immortality, can Wu Ying grasp the fleeting opportunity?

Long Wu Ying never expected to join a Sect or become a real cultivator. His days were spent studying, planting rice on the family farm and spending time with his friends. Fate, however, has different plans for Wu Ying, forcing him to decide between his common, pedestrian life and the exciting, blood soaked life of a cultivator.

This collection contains the first three books of A Thousand Li, which traces Wu Ying’s humble beginnings as a peasant to his development as a powerful cultivator of the Verdant Green Waters Sect and collects the first arc of this Asian epic fantasy.

A Thousand Li is a series on cultivation, immortals, wondrous martial art styles and spirit beasts. It is sure to please wuxia and xianxia fans, as well as those looking for a more westernised cultivation story. A Thousand Li is written by Tao Wong, the bestselling scifi and fantasy LitRPG author of the System Apocalypse, Adventures on Brad and the Hidden Wishes.

Books included:
- The First Step
- The First Stop
- The First War

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