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Adventures on Brad

Adventures on Brad: Books 7-9

Adventures on Brad: Books 7-9

Written by: Tao Wong
Narrated by: Eric Jason Martin
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Read an Excerpt of Adventures on Brad: Books 7-9

“Daniel Chai?”

The voice caught the adventurer as he wandered down from the stairs, running a hand through still-wet brown hair. The wooden railings of the worn medieval inn pressed on his hands, the wood helping to guide him down after a late night of revelry. A smile still lingered on Daniel’s lips as he recalled the young lady he’d left behind in his bed, asleep after a night of vigorous exercise. He only wished he could remember her name.

The broad-shouldered adventurer turned his head, spotting the speaker seated at his table and positioned to catch sight of those descending from the inn’s second floor. He raised the battered wooden mug, filled with weak ale in greeting to Daniel.

“Will you join me?”

Daniel frowned, a hand dropping down to his side where his enchanted mace hung. He had put on the mace automatically, even though he was still dressed in his civilian tunic and pants which needed patching by the laundress after his most recent escapade in the dungeons of Silverstone. He kept meaning to pick up a few more pairs, but there was always something better to do.

“Do I know you?” Daniel asked.

“No, but I hope to change that with this breakfast,” the stranger said.

Peering closer, Daniel took note of the finer weave of his clothes, the lack of fraying along the edges, the pair of rings with runic inscriptions on them, and the top of the bejewelled dagger that poked above the table from the stranger’s belt. It all spoke of an individual with funds to burn, entirely unlike Daniel himself and his friends.

It wasn’t as though they were hurting for money these days. As Advanced Adventurers, Daniel and his team earned decent coin delving the dungeons on the regular. But having lost both new members of their impromptu party, the remaining trio were under-strength for dungeons that consisted of the city of Silverstone. Attempts at finding new party members had, thus far, been less than successful, as most independent adventurers of quality sought to join the various guilds that made up the city.

Of course, it left the trio to work the first few levels of each of the dungeons over and over again. In truth, the repetition was relaxing, as they quietly and steadily saved up for more powerful, enchanted equipment to allow them to delve deeper.

Daniel hesitated for a second before deciding to accept the invitation. While unusual, it was possible that the stranger was a client, someone seeking adventurers too cheap to use the official Adventurer’s Guild board.
As Daniel took a seat, he did have to point out: “I have paid for my breakfast already. It comes with the room.”

“Yes, I know.” The stranger grinned, pearlescent white teeth flashing, underneath sky-blue eyes. The shock of pale, yellow hair, almost transparent in its coloring and fineness, flopped in an artful wave across the stranger’s face. “Which is why I paid for your accommodation.” Daniel’s eyes widened a little, since the night’s accommodation was significantly more expensive than a single meal. It widened further as the stranger continued. “For the week.”

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About Adventures on Brad: Books 7-9

Daniel Chai has fallen into a routine of adventuring and dungeon delving with his friends. When his secret Gift as a healer is exposed, Daniel's greatest fears come to play as adventuring guilds and the royal family attempt to recruit him. To survive, Daniel and his team won’t only have to face dangerous monsters and Master Class dungeons–they’ll have to escape a web of guild politics and conniving nobility.

This box set collects the final arc of the Adventures Of Brad series, following Daniel and friends in a LitRPG-inspired fantasy world. Written by the bestselling author of the System Apocalypse and A Thousand Li, it draws inspiration from Japanese light novels like Dan Machi, Grimgar and Konosuba.

The box set includes books 7 - 9:

  • The Guild’s Demands
  • A Capital’s Perils
  • A Royal Ending
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