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Climbing the Ranks

Climbing the Ranks (Climbing the Ranks #1)

Climbing the Ranks (Climbing the Ranks #1)

Written by: Tao Wong
Narrated by: Jamie Zubairi
Audiobook Length: 18 hours and 39 minutes
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Read an Excerpt of Climbing the Ranks (Climbing the Ranks #1)

“Cendol! Best cendol in the city!”

It was always like this. Give Malaysians a big enough space in an event and, sooner or later, roadside hawkers would appear. A lot might have changed ever since the advent of the Towers, but the Malaysian love for food had not altered one iota. Even with the pagoda-like Tower looming over Merdeka Square, the hawkers were all out, offering easy-to-consume and all-too-tasty foodstuff.

Merdeka Square itself—once a giant square of concrete and grass with “the second tallest flagpole in the word!” its singular claim to fame—had changed significantly since the appearance of the Tower. Now, a wall blocked off access to the Tower itself, bisecting the square. Numerous guards with assault rifles stood on the wall and the guard towers, which were built to safeguard from within and without.

Ringing the walled-off Tower were the hawkers, who sold food to tourists, gawkers and Tower-climbing groupies, all of them doing a brisk business. The one-man hawker stalls were often backed up by additional moving vans which resupplied the busy carts, as they dispensed a variety of foods. In the small circle around Arthur Chua, he could spot cendol, fresh fruit, kuih, and goreng pisang sold as quick snacks and a char kway teow man further away with small tables and chairs set up for his customers.

The presence of so many people and food stalls made the air redolent with scents. Sweat, the smell of unwashed humanity, the omnipresent humidity, and the overwhelming heat pressed down upon everyone as sunshine warmed the concrete floor.

Arthur drew another breath, enjoying the smells—even the acrid burnt smell of electric vehicles passing by on too-hot rubber tires—and listened to the conversations that washed over him. The constant honking of electric motorcycles and self-driven cars driven to the extremes of their software combating the careless nature of Malaysian drivers . . . It was all a reminder of what he was about to leave behind and he wanted to enjoy it, just for a few seconds more.

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Product Details

Release Date:

Pages: 748

Genre: Cultivation Fantasy

eBook ISBN: 9781778551352

Language: English

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About Climbing the Ranks (Climbing the Ranks #1)

The World Changes. Dreams Don't.

Mystical towers changed the world twenty years ago. Now, Arthur Chua faces the beginner tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, looking to change his destiny.

What was once a puzzling mystery has become a necessary part of economic growth. Climbing the Tower is the only form of escape available for one like Arthur, without money or connections. He's not looking to be a hero or famous, just a survivor.

Fate, on the other hand, has other plans for him. At long last, the reason for the arrival of the Towers will be revealed, and humanity will once again experience a seismic shift when the truth appears.

Of course, Arthur's going to have to survive long enough for that to happen...

Climbing the Ranks is a LitRPG Cultivation series set in a tower, similar to the Tower of Gods and Solo Leveling. Written by bestselling author Tao Wong, his other series include the System Apocalypse, A Thousand Li, Hidden Wishes and Adventures on Brad series.

This novel is the e-book version of the free web serial. You may read the entire ongoing story at Starlit Publishing free of charge.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
John Phillips
Can't wait for the next one

When an author who has already shown he does excellent work in both the Cultivation and LITRPG genres announces a new series that combines both there are high expectations.

Those expectations were more than met.

Tao Wong does excellent work creating an entirely universe that merges those genres. The world is rich with interactions to be explored and tremendous room for growth. Eagerly awaiting the next in the series.