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System Apocalypse: Relentless

Dungeon World Drifters (System Apocalypse: Relentless #2)

Dungeon World Drifters (System Apocalypse: Relentless #2)

Written by: Craig Hamilton & Tao Wong
Narrated by: Shamaan Casey
Audiobook Length: 14 hrs 55 mins
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Read an Excerpt of Dungeon World Drifters (System Apocalypse: Relentless #2)


“Welcome back to Dungeon Rules: Royalty Edition! I’m your host Amryl a Jorra.”

The face of a lanky, pale-skinned Movana filled the viewscreen, the elf’s magenta tapered pompadour bobbing as the announcer ran while holding the recording device that captured the broadcaster’s image and voice.

“For those of you just joining us, we’re on Earth now, in the mountain range the natives call the Colorado Rockies,” Amryl explained to his unseen viewers. “It’s been just over a local year since the Galactic Council inducted this planet into the System as its latest Dungeon World, and over ninety percent of the native sentient population has been wiped out in the last twelve months by System-spawned creatures.”
The elf spun the recorder around to give viewers a quick glimpse of the surrounding snow-covered, jagged peaks.
The Movana turned the focus of the device back onto himself, holding the recorder in the “selfie style” that had become popular since material from Earth’s “Internet” hit the Galactic scene. Not that it was really new, but the influx of new cultures always brought up old trends.
“We’re about to see some of those monsters in action!” Amryl exclaimed. “Today’s challenge is for Prince Arturios Arfuriosa III, heir to the throne of Demarcia, to take down a dozen ferocious Frost Drakes.”

A roar echoed from somewhere nearby, followed quickly by several more.

“Sounds like the action has already begun,” said the elf. “Let’s catch up and see it happen live!”

The view whirled as the Movana crested the mountain ridge to look down upon a scene of furious combat.
A pack of stocky, white-scaled quadrupeds with thick, spiked tails swarmed out of a wide-mouthed cavern, the lizards’ blue-clawed limbs leaving deep tracks as they bounded through the snow drifts to assail a group of four armored adventurers.

The lead adventurer, a green-skinned humanoid clad in a lightweight, armored jumpsuit with a mountain
camouflage pattern, opened up on the Frost Drakes with a snub-nosed energy carbine as the lizard-like creatures encircled the party. The drakes snapped at the adventurers with long, pointed maws filled with rows of sharp fangs. Crimson beams from the Hakarta’s carbine stitched across the advancing monsters, leaving glowing orange traces gouged deeply into the creature’s scales.
“There’s Kargut Fura, the prince’s Level 49 scout, kicking things off with his trusty auto-beamer,” said Amryl, narrating the developing combat. “Most Wasteland Trackers tend to be the solitary types, but that Hakarta spends as much time carousing with the rest of the crew as he does using his Class Skills to track down the prince’s next trophy.”

Behind the gunner, a staff-wielding wolfman waved in a complicated gesture and a wall of flame sprouted up between the adventurers and the cave. A trio of drakes stood trapped between the party and the flames, while the rest of the monsters shied back from the fiery obstruction, their advance halted until the creatures pushed out around either side of the blaze.

“Good move there by Ruby Emede,” Amryl continued. “A flame wall placed by a Level 47 Firewalker will give the team time to deal with the first few drakes without getting completely overwhelmed by the entire nest.”
Next to the fire mage wolfman, a bark-skinned dryad, the party’s third member, tossed a handful of spikes that stuck into the ground in a line that led up to one side of the flame wall. Translucent blue shields popped up from the spikes, closing off one side of the group in an overlapping protective barrier.

“There’s Lilisae following up with more protective measures,” Amryl commented. “Since no one has taken any hits yet, there’s no one for the Prismatic Channeler to heal with her repertoire of Level 45 spells. Those portable shield generators will block off another avenue of attack from the drakes and limit the directions the team will need to defend.”
One of the largest drakes bounded through the fiery wall with a roar, heedless of the scorching flames that charred the edges of the monster’s scales, and pounced on the Hakarta gunner, driving the tusked adventurer to the ground before the orc could dodge the attack.
“That’s not looking good for Kargut, but fortunately for him, Prince Arturios is already getting to work!”
The view zoomed in through the chaos to focus on the fourth, and final, member of the party, a humanoid in articulated power armor. The towering figure plowed through the massed creatures, knocking the large drake clear of the prone Hakarta and sending it flying back through the curtain of fire toward the mouth of the cave.
His silvery armor lacked a helmet, showing off the luxurious mane that fringed the prince’s leonine head. Rounded ears with blond fur poked through the dark brown mane and matched the golden hue of the prince’s protruding muzzle, lips drawn back in a furious snarl as the hulking lion man swung a massive greatsword through the melee.

The sword gleamed brightly in the sunlight, almost too bright to look upon. Over a handspan in width, the razor-sharp blade cleanly severed a drake’s neck in a single sweep.

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Release Date:

Pages: 491

Genre: LitRPG Sci-Fi

eBook ISBN: 9781778550614

Language: English

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About Dungeon World Drifters (System Apocalypse: Relentless #2)

The hunter becomes the hunted

Bounty hunter Hal Mason is doing well for himself, a year after the System converted Earth into a lawless, apocalyptic Dungeon World.

Now, though, old friends have come calling with a new opportunity and with it, the murky politics of Galactic interests and overlapping contracts. Hal must protect the first train to cross the new wildlands of the American Midwest.

Broken terrain, monsters, Galactic renegades, and even System enhanced weather all plague the journey. With pressure building from external forces, hidden agendas threaten to tear the expedition apart from within.

Will Hal persevere or will he be consumed by the System?

Dungeon World Drifters is the second book in the System Apocalypse - Relentless series. Set in the same universe as Tao Wong’s bestselling post-apocalyptic LitRPG, the System Apocalypse, it’s another glimpse into what humanity will do when the chips are down and the monsters are crawling from the shadows.

Additional information for the signed print versions: Signed by Tao Wong. This item will be shipped in 4-6 weeks depending on stock and external shipping factors.

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