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Grayson Sinclair

Hive Queen (Trinity of the Hive #2)

Hive Queen (Trinity of the Hive #2)

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The job? Steal the heart of a god from the kingdom of the dwarves.

I've met Magnus, the man who instigated the attack on my guild, and rather than fighting him, I’m helping him. He’s shown me the truth about Nexus and left me reeling. Now, to return home and see Eris again, I'll have to complete the hardest job I've ever considered.

Journey to Aldrust and steal their most prized possession.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and failure risks everything. It's an impossible journey, one almost guaranteed to end my life. But it's finish the job or lose Eris forevermore.

Good thing I'm used to impossible missions.

Hive Queen is book two of the Trinity of the Hive series, the second in a dark fantasy series by Grayson Sinclair. Hive Queen features a dystopian real world and a gritty, bleak, and immersive VR world that's perfect for lovers of gridmark and dark fantasy works.

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Customer Reviews

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Tore S.

A disappointing follow-up on Hive Knight. In the first book, the author promised that there would be no harem, yet book two is mainly about the main character establishing one. The random bouts of eroticism are as cringey as they are unnecessary.