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Adventures on Brad

The Arena's Call (Adventures on Brad #4)

The Arena's Call (Adventures on Brad #4)

Written by: Tao Wong
Narrated by: Eric Jason Martin
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Read an Excerpt of The Arena's Call (Adventures on Brad #4)

Separated from the trio of heroes by a simple metal gate, the twelve-foot-long, luminescent green scaled and squat drake lay dozing in the Mana-lit cavern. Enclosed all around by cold stone, the drake slumbered fitfully, the silence only broken by the slow drip of water that formed a pool in the corner. As the trio watched, the drake yawned lazily and showed the inside of its pink mouth, one filled with rows upon rows of sharp, deadly teeth.

“I am not enjoying these surprises,” Omrak said softly while the trio edged backwards from the metal gate. Reaching over his broad shoulders, the giant blond Northerner pulled his large two-handed sword from its utilitarian sheath to eye the blade.

“Well, it’s just a single Dungeon Champion,” Daniel Chai said as he adjusted his shield. His plate mail armor clanking slightly as he moved, the shorter, slant-eyed and flat-nosed Adventurer added, “I rather like the change after fighting all those lizards.”

“Tough,” Asin hissed, her furry tail lashing out beside her as cat ears twitched, clawed hands kneading the soil as she watched behind them. Her short cloak covered her body, helping her to hide in the shadows she’d instinctively found, her dark fur blending in.

“I agree with Hero Asin,” Omrak growled. “A drake is significantly tougher than what we have dealt with before.”

“Too tough for us?” Daniel asked, eyes narrowing even further to slits. While no longer a Beginner Adventurer, Daniel knew he was still new to the adventuring lifestyle. It had not even been two years since he left his lifestyle as a Miner.

“For us heroes? Nay. We should be able to defeat this opponent,” Omrak said with renewed confidence. The teenager flashed a grin, lazily swinging the sword around his hand as he limbered up. “I but spoke for caution, to temper overconfidence. A hero must understand themselves.”

Asin chuffed slightly, her back arching and tail straightening for a second as her cat ears tilted downward. Daniel coughed at the same time as he stopped the bubbling laughter. Omrak telling them to not be overconfident. Daniel found himself smiling, the spike of concern fading.

“Start,” Asin said and walked over to the wooden lever that controlled the gate. She regarded her friends one last time to receive their agreement before she pulled on the device. Daniel shifted forward, his heavy crossbow in hand, a bulbous bolt locked in place.

With a screech, the pulley rose to the clanking of chains. As the noise reverberated around the cavern, the drake woke from its sleep.

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Genre: LitRPG Fantasy

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About The Arena's Call (Adventures on Brad #4)

To Quest, To Win, To Progress. The Arena Awaits.

As Advanced Adventurers, Daniel and his friends journey to Silverholt to attempt larger and more dangerous Dungeons. But just because they've graduated from Beginner Dungeons doesn't mean they'll get any more respect from the experienced Adventurers that make up their new city. They'll have to train, struggle and take part in an arena battle to win a chance at to enter the new Dungeon and some respect.

The Adventures of Brad series is a traditional fantasy story with LitRPG elements and features a Catkin, a Healer and an enthusiastic barbarian.

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