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Tao Wong

The System Apocalypse Graphic Novel: Issues 1-7

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How much one man can take?

Aliens, monsters and dungeons have been met and conquered by John Lee during the System Apocalypse. He's seen thousands die, and even more fall as they attempt to deal with Earth becoming a dungeon world. As the Yukon's premier human fighter, he's forced to take it all on and win. And he has.

But when John is betrayed by his temper and the human council, when he's forced to choose between the expedience of violence and the ideal of honour and the law, something has to give.

The System Apocalypse Graphic Novel Issues 1-7 is the adaptation of the best-selling LitRPG novel, "Life in the North", featuring mecha in one heady, post-apocalyptic blend. The original book is available in e-book, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook versions.


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