A 2023 Recap and a Sneak Peek into 2024

A 2023 Recap and a Sneak Peek into 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's the perfect time to reflect on the literary gems spanning the realms of LitRPG, sci-fi, and fantasy that graced our bookshelves throughout the year.

Thank you for an awesome 2023

A Thousand Li: The Third Realm - Wu Ying travels the lands beyond the kingdom of Shen as he contends with his own place in the world.

The System Apocalypse Short Story Anthology Vol. 2 - Ten stories from exciting new voices and a few veterans of the universe, highlighting the lives and struggles of humanity's best and worst years after System advent.

The Cultist - An interview with the enigmatic Cultist, about his past, his present and his future

The Nameless Restaurant - Enter The Nameless Restaurant, a restaurant in Toronto that is magically hidden, whose service is horrible, but whose food is divine.

A Thousand Li: The Third Cut - As corruption seeps from the southern kingdom of Nanyue, Wu Ying sets out on a dangerous journey to uncover its source.

Apocalypse Grit - When a trade dispute between two powerful Galactic factions escalates into open warfare, Hal Mason plunges headfirst into the fray.

Fool's Play - Fool and Jackal offer others the opportunities as part of a secret organization helping humanity survive the System.

Climbing the Ranks - Arthur Chua faces the beginner Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, looking to change his destiny.

But the excitement doesn't end here—2024 is on the horizon. The upcoming year promises to transport readers into unexplored universes, epic quests, and character-driven sagas.

Coming Soon in 2024

A Thousand Li: The Sundering Blade (January)

Fool's Bond (February)

A Thousand Li: The Fourth Stage (March)

A Thousand Li: The First Step Deluxe Edition (April)

Fool's Last Dance (May)

Secret System Apocalypse Spin-off (Q2)

Chaotic Apéritifs (June)

The Outlaw Harold Mason (August)

A Thousand Li: The Fourth Fall (October)

Climbing the Ranks 2 (November)

Cheers to the incredible stories that unfolded in 2023, and here's to the untold tales that await us in the chapters of 2024!

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