Collection: Shamaan Casey

Shamaan was born in 1996 and raised in Converse, TX. Growing up, he always watched a lot of animation, which gave him a deep appreciation for voice acting, which only grew as the years went on. Even from a young age, he had a voice that commanded the attention of others. Though not an attention seeker, he always noticed how heads would turn when he spoke, and he was often compared to James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman, even in middle school.

When he chose to pursue a career in culinary arts and work as a food salesman, everyday people would tell him that he should be in radio. With years of public speaking experience thanks to his religious ministry, he finally yielded to all of the advice he had received over the years and finally embraced getting into the world of voice-over by making audiobooks.

Now, he combines his vocal talents with his love of reading to help bring stories to life. When he's not reading, he's cooking, baking, or gaming. Whatever he's doing, he's got a story to tell.