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Adventures on Brad

A Capital's Perils (Adventures on Brad #8)

A Capital's Perils (Adventures on Brad #8)

Written by: Tao Wong
Narrated by: Eric Jason Martin
Audiobook Length: 5 hours and 8 minutes
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Read an Excerpt of A Capital's Perils (Adventures on Brad #8)

The creator of this level of the Dungeon was sick. Very, very sick in the head. So much so that if Daniel had a chance, he would certainly make use of his Gift to heal them. That was the only way that Daniel could imagine they would have come up with the rotating, pink-and-white-colored swirling walls that made up this level.

Every step of the way through the Dungeon, they had to fight a sense of vertigo and nausea. The sickly-sweet aroma crept through the tightest silk weave, burrowing into the senses such that all you could smell or taste was the perfumed odor, the licorice candy taste on their tongue. The floor sucked at their feet, refusing to let them go, even as the walls turned in a circular fashion. Until the floor finally released, and forced the Adventurers to tumble to the new “floor,” their skin and flesh and armor enmeshed in the cloying environment once more.

And the monsters.

The monsters were just as nightmarish.

First were the Candy Hoppers—tiny, toadlike creatures whose natural camouflage made them almost impossible to see against the candy-colored pink and white swirl of the walls and ceilings. They sank their needle-like feet into the ground, allowing them to hold on even when the entire room rotated. When their prey came close enough, they would jump. Upon contact, they would swell, multiplying in size and drowning the poor target in toffee if they managed to surround the head. Of course, they only tripled their size, so if an Adventurer managed to get a hand or shield or sword in the way, they would only have a large, urn-sized ball of toffee impeding them. Even then, blocking was the preferred tactic, other than dodging the attacks entirely.

Except, of course, the Candy Hoppers were smart. Smart enough to only launch themselves in small numbers, such that once an Adventurer was trapped by the first, the second and third waves could impact the head or chest. Suffocating the victim to death.

There was nothing that Daniel’s Gift could do if an individual suffocated to death. In the short term, he could stop the body from dying. But without air, the decline was guaranteed, and no magic, no matter how powerful, could fix that.

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Release Date:

Pages: 289

Genre: LitRPG Fantasy

eBook ISBN: 9781990491382

Language: English

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About A Capital's Perils (Adventures on Brad #8)

May You Receive the Attention of Those in High Places

Daniel has drawn the attention of the one group he desperately wanted to avoid. The Royal Family has summoned him to Warmount, the capital of Brad. There, he'll have to try to avoid noble politics, royal entanglements and keep up with his Adventuring.

Of course, that'd be simpler if the Labyrinth was easier to delve through or if Warmount wasn't a Master Class dungeon.

A Capital's Perils is book 8 of the Adventures on Brad, a LitRPG young adult fantasy series. Written by the bestselling author of the System Apocalypse and A Thousand Li, it draws inspiration from Japanese light novels like Dan Machi, Grimgar and Konosuba.

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