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Adventures on Brad

A Dungeon's Soul (Adventures on Brad #3)

A Dungeon's Soul (Adventures on Brad #3)

Written by: Tao Wong
Narrated by: Eric Jason Martin
Audiobook Length: 4 hours and 51 minutes
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Read an Excerpt of A Dungeon's Soul (Adventures on Brad #3)

Dawn light filtered through the wooden shutters of Daniel Chai’s room in the Spinning Top. He shivered, pulling his blankets closer to his body for a moment as the late autumn morning chill made itself known to him. Long years of discipline forced him to sit up now that he was awake. He ran a hand through his hair, smiling slightly at the uneven cut that Khy’ra, his girlfriend, had given him. She was a dangerous Adventurer, a beautiful Elf, and a kindly Healer, but the one thing she was not was a decent barber.

After stretching slowly to his full five foot eight inches, Daniel walked to the windows after wiping himself down, sliding a shirt back on. He threw the shutters open and looked out at the sprawling city of wood and stone before him, then leaned outwards slightly as he stared at the center of town to spot the Dungeon entrance and the Adventurers’ Guild. Early as it was, he could see streams of Adventurers entering and exiting the Dungeon, traversing the pathway between Guild and Dungeon to sell their loot before resting.

The Karlak Dungeon had reopened in the last few days after being closed for weeks as the Dungeon reconfigured itself. The wave of relief that had risen through the city when it was made clear that it was still a Beginner Dungeon had been palatable. As every Adventurer had to start again from the first Level, the Adventurers’ Guild had instituted a lottery system to stagger entry. Eventually, the more experienced Adventurers would trickle down to the lower levels and entry would no longer need to be staggered, as the Adventurers would all be spread out across its many levels. Eventually.

Daniel sighed again, pulled his head back in, and finished dressing. Unfortunately, their party had drawn a slot for tomorrow, leaving them to wait another day. Weeks without their most important income source meant that he needed to work whatever jobs he could find on the quest board if he wanted to eat tomorrow. Staying in bed was not an option.

Walking down the stairs, he waved to Elise, the Spinning Top’s owner, who was delivering food to the floor. The matronly blonde smiled at Daniel, nodding to a free table while she delivered watered-down beer, wine, and a mix of eggs, bacon, and leafy greens to the table. Daniel idly noted that the plates were nearly overflowing with greens as the very last harvest had been pulled from the ground. Soon, only canned vegetables and a small variety of magically preserved vegetables would be available.

“Morning, Elise,” Daniel greeted the innkeeper as she arrived with his breakfast. Elise just flashed him a smile, too busy to chat while he dug into the meal with gusto. As he finished up, Elise dropped off a pair of wrapped lunches at his table.

Outside, having retrieved his leather armor, shield, and mace, Daniel quickly joined the flow of humanity as he headed to the Guild. Daniel casually eyed the crowds who were mostly made up of human townsfolk with the occasional glimpse of a Beastkin. Early as it was, most Adventurers were either already in the Dungeon or still asleep. Once he arrived at the Adventurers’ Guild, he found his partner, Asin, waiting for him.

“Morning, Asin,” he greeted his friend and fellow party member. The smaller Catkin was crouched on the stairs that led up to the building, licking at her paw while her tail lazily waved in the air behind her. Jade eyes glinted in amusement as Daniel handed her the packet of food, which she quickly slipped into her bag, ensuring it was strapped in and out of the way of her additional throwing knives.

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Release Date:

Pages: 277

Genre: LitRPG Fantasy

eBook ISBN: 9781775058755

Language: English

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About A Dungeon's Soul (Adventures on Brad #3)

When the Dungeon changes, a race to the finish begins.

The Karlak Dungeon has re-opened with a brand new configuration. A whole new Dungeon awaits Daniel and Asin. Joined by Omrak, the party races to be the first to complete the Dungeon but must face new monsters, new traps and new floor layouts. Will the Adventurers complete the new Dungeon in time?

A Dungeon's Soul is traditional fantasy story with LitRPG elements written in the Japanese light novel format of short, slice-of-life features.

Additional information for the signed print versions: Signed by Tao Wong. This item will be shipped in 4-6 weeks depending on stock and external shipping factors.


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