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Adventures on Brad

An Adventurer's Heart (Adventures on Brad #2)

An Adventurer's Heart (Adventures on Brad #2)

Written by: Tao Wong
Narrated by: Eric Jason Martin
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Read an Excerpt of An Adventurer's Heart (Adventures on Brad #2)

As the sun begins to set, a pair of Adventurers approach the Northern city gates of Karlak. The small dungeon town is bisected by a river, overlooked by rolling hills, and surrounded by wooden walls. The town radiates outwards from its chief income source, a Beginner Dungeon with buildings closest to the Dungeon and the town center made of stone, and those further away with cheaper materials such as wood and clay. As the pair near the walls, the Guards relax as the pair are well known, and their presence barely missed. After all, these two Adventurers had left only two days ago.

The taller of the pair is only five-foot-eight, a friendly smile gracing his face as he nods to the guards. The friendly Adventurer is broad and stocky, his muscular frame currently burdened by a large bag slung over his shoulder. The second of the two is a shorter Catkin female, black fur and bestial, cat features on a slim build. She is dressed in a jerkin and shirt, with a dirty, once dark-blue coat trailing behind her. A brace of throwing daggers lie across her torso, another larger pair rest on her hips as she glides alongside her partner.

“Matthew, Jason!” the human Adventurer calls out, waving in greeting as he shifts the bag behind him again.
“Daniel, Asin. A successful trip I take it?” The two guards grin, glancing at the bag and the roll of dark fur that lies strapped to the top of it.

“Yes!” Daniel answers them, pride radiating in his voice.
“Well, best get in. We’ll be closing the gates soon.” The two guards beckon the Adventurers into the town, and Daniel nods in thanks. Asin chuffs a greeting as well, the guards flashing a quick, narrowed eye once-over at the Beastkin before stepping aside.

When the pair is a distance away, Asin moves closer to her friend, grating out in a low purr, “They like you. The guards.”

Daniel nods, smiling slightly as he rubs his nose as it attempts to get used to the unwashed, rotting stink of the city, “Yeah. They’re a decent lot mostly.”

Asin chuffs again, shaking her head at Daniel but failing to contradict him directly. His experience and hers differed greatly as the Beastkin were an unwanted, barely tolerated minority in Brad still. If she had arrived alone, Asin knew she’d have to pay the toll for coming in and would have been hassled for leaving, even though she was a registered Adventurer like him. Daniel, however, had managed to build a good reputation in the town – his work in the Clinic as a free healer and his time spent socializing with the guards stood him in good stead. His presence shielded her and those with him, even if he himself never realized it.

The pair head deeper into the town, bypassing alleys that would take them into the various shopping districts and head directly to the Adventurer’s Guild. The Guild is one of the few buildings in town able to afford the mana stones required to light the building all night long and does so, staying open all hours of the day and night. They could afford this as the Guild was the exclusive purchaser of mana stones from the Adventurers who ventured into the Dungeon, their monopoly guaranteed by Kingdom law. It is also at the Guild that the two expect to turn in their successful quest.

It is no surprise to either of the Adventurers to find that Liev, the red-haired senior Guild attendant, is still on duty. He rarely leaves the building and is often seen working the busy shifts late into the night when Adventurers returned from their Dungeon exploration. When the pair step into the building, Liev smiles as he spots them, straightening up for a moment from his usual slouched posture before the usual impassive demeanor returns.

“Asin, Daniel. Back already?” he says to them when the duo finally reach his window.

“Yes!” Daniel unslings his bag and unties the skin, dropping it on the counter as proof of their successful hunt.

A brief check is all that Liev requires to confirm the kill, and then he hands over their reward, a staggering 75 silver, and their deposit. A single silver could let a day laborer who skimped eat for a year, so the sum they have just earned still makes both Asin and Daniel grin. After all, it has only been a bare nine months since they first started Adventuring. The enormous sum for the Quest was due to the continued failures by other Adventurers to complete the quest. As was custom, the city raised the bounty after each failure, using a portion of the failed Adventurers lost deposit to pay for the increase.
A brief moment later and both Adventurers receive a notification, the glowing black lines floating in their sight before disappearing.

Quest Complete!
+5,000 XP

The pair of Adventurers quickly take their piles of coin, thanking Liev before exiting to run their next errand. Asin leads Daniel to a butcher shop, having organized the additional trade to supplement their income. Shadow Cat meat was a rare treat and would be highly sought after by certain clientele, and the butcher had agreed to pay very well.

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Genre: LitRPG Fantasy

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Language: English


About An Adventurer's Heart (Adventures on Brad #2)

Not all adventures happen in Dungeons.

Having returned from their time with the Army, Daniel and Asin must now complete the Dungeon in Karlak. To do so though, they will need to get better gear,more Skills and higher Levels. Taking a quest, the pair must leave Karlak to travel across the Kingdom of Brad and learn a few life-lessons along the way.

The Adventures of Brad series is a traditional fantasy story with LitRPG elements.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
johnny 9

Good read okay

Caius Fabius
Can't stop reading!

For all the DnD games where we dungeon crawled or questions or range the city, the same flavor is here. For myself, Tao Wong brings back nostalgic memories. I can't wait to read the next book!

A great continuation

I'm loving the characters and story more each book and cannot wait to see what happens next. There are some mistakes here and there but they are just bumps in the road of a good story. Cheers!

Buck Duane
Great series

cant wait until the next one.

Kindle Customer
Warm and quick

Characters are a little one dimensional, but it's a warm and quick read. I really enjoy Daniel and Asim's teamwork.