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Tao Wong

First Steps into the Night (Eternal Night #1)

First Steps into the Night (Eternal Night #1)

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Kylie Porter needs a break. Novacore VR's Eternal Night is it - the VR vampire game that her editor wants her to write about. But she's not a gamer, so she's going to have to learn to fake it for her article. With a little help.

Johnathan Masters is that help. An old friend who is doing her a favour, he's a lot more confident and good looking in the game, even if they've both touched themselves up. But she's a professional and this is just a game.

None of it's really real? Is it?

First Steps into the Night is a Vampire LitRPG Short Story (approximately 10k long) written by Tao Wong, the author of the System Apocalypse, Hidden Wishes and A Thousand Li series. It is not a fade-to-black story, set in a VR vampire MMORPG.

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Audiobook is narrated by Stephanie Németh-Parker.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I've Always Liked Vampires

I like the main character. Good intro type as a reporter/writer who doesn't have excessive knowledge of what she's getting into. Great point of view to dive into this type of role playing game as it takes into account the reader's lack of knowledge of the Vampire (and I assume other darker forms of supernatural). I would love to see this Virtual Reality fleshed out more. There seems to be a lot of intrigue set up. It's a bit different from the greater part of stories that are set in either a mainstream fantasy or supers style rpg system. I was concerned the main was jumping in without any reading the rules or any research. She obviously set up the meet with her old friend a while ago. It doesn't seem to have done her harm, but that is the stuff that lands a character in deep doo doo, which I guess is a great way to intro the reader to rules and plot points. Still unnerves me that someone KNOWING they are going into a new world, one that's going to FEEL real, and not do basic research. Overall, very richly detailed and described, exciting, and it makes me want to see more of this universe.

Aaron A. Hathaway
Great Short Story

Hopefully he develops this into a series. The world developed is very intricate and different from others that I have seen.

Good but reads like a draft

Sudden graphic sex scenes, paragraphs just outright omitted at 50% point in the book during a critical scene, the standard fixation on breasts that male authors always seem to have when writing from a female perspective... its a great idea, and with the exception of skipping a few pages of graphic sex, I was enwrapped until the end. But... it feels more like a first effort by an amateur than a short story released by an already established author.