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Magic Kingdom at War

Magic Kingdom at War

By Tao Wong

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Dying the first time sucked. Matt's trying to avoid a repeat performance.

When the alien notification appeared, declaring the world's gods had failed to protect the planet, Matt had been surprised. Even more so when he received the option to join the very last line of defense, a battle between the invaders and humanity's army.

Volunteering to escape his dead end office job seemed like a good idea. Until he was killed to transport him into the battlefield. Now, Matt's in charge of a magical kingdom with heroes and buildings and units that he has to grow. The world map is made out of hexagrams, the units are semi-sentient and his opponents have a head start.

Oh, and someone forgot to give him a manual to how all this works.

Magic Kingdom at War is a tactical base-building crunchy LitRPG series by Tao Wong.

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