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The System Apocalypse

The System Apocalypse books 10-12

The System Apocalypse books 10-12

Written by: Tao Wong
Narrated by: Nick Podehl
Audiobook Length: 37 hours and 45 minutes
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Read an Excerpt of The System Apocalypse books 10-12

=Chapter 1=

The Portal opens five hundred sixty meters in the air. When I step through it, I free-fall. Beneath me, the herd of L’liest CaTues cover the ground like the bison herds of yore, their mottled brown and green skin hiding the trampled earth beneath.
The L’liest are six-legged scaled behemoths whose bellows reach me high above, as does the never-ceasing pounding of their feet. They’re tiny figures to my eyes, belying their actual size tens of meters tall and half as wide. Spirals of razor-sharp spikes, dripping with poison, jut from their bodies in a vicious pattern. From their six-eyed, conical faces, roars of dissatisfaction and grunts of anger erupt in rhythmic regularity as they search for prey.
In the distance, the earth shakes and rocks dance on cracked, sun-baked pale-yellow clay. The desolate vista is broken by the occasional glimpse of purple cacti. Around me, as I plummet, the sky is lit with the pale-yellow light of the dying sun, a massive thing in the last couple of million years of its life.
A surge of will and I call forth their Status information.

L’liest CaTues (Level 187)
HP: 18,736/18752*
MP: 2457/2457
Conditions: Hardened Skin, Scaled Protection, Poisonous Fog, Acoustic Beat, Power of the Herd*

* Health is shared among all members of the herd, as is damage.

Beside me, as I fall, Ali hovers, cross-legged. My tiny, six-inch-tall Spirit companion is clad in his usual orange jumpsuit. Skin the color of tanned wood, with a sculpted goatee, his fingers play across invisible screens as we plummet.
“You know, I’m sure you’ve done dumber things in the past. But I am forgetting them…”
“It’s the pressure. I’ve done a lot dumber things,” I reassure Ali. Even as I speak, I’ve split my attention enough to begin the process of calling forth my Skills. I start with the simple ones.
Soul Shield for protection.
A Thousand Blades to give me access to copies of my Soulbound sword.
Aura of Chivalry for the damage bonus and intimidation effect.
Eye of the Storm to concentrate their focus on me.
The Evolved Penetration Skill to give me a secondary shield defense.
Then I kick on my Hoverboots and float. The creatures below are trumpeting their dissatisfaction, my Soul Shield shimmering as their audio attacks slam into it. I’m not in my Hod right now, the power armor stored away. Replacing it would be expensive, and between my evolved Penetration Skill shielding and Soul Shield, I should be safe enough.
Lastly, to add shielding points to my Penetration Skill, I call forth a Beacon of the Angels. The ritual glyph forms in the air, a circular oval of light showering the herd with pure, unadulterated energy.
L’liest CaTueses crisp beneath the azure glow of formed energy, scales cracking, poison mists burning away. They thrash and scream as a damage counter in the corner of my vision ticks up.
Beacon of the Angels is an area effect Skill, a near-perfect Skill for dealing with the horde. Near perfect since the radius of damage is insufficient as portions of the damage dealt are split between the entirety of the herd. Those caught outside see a small blip down, tens of hit points before their natural regeneration pops them back up.
Individual L’liest caught within the attack take more damage as only a portion of the damage is transferred. But their resistances, their Levels are high enough that I’d have to keep spamming the Skill to take out a single L’liest.
All this takes place in fractions of a second.
I hover, watching the effects of my attack—or the lack of them—and end up shaking my head. There’s a reason the L’liest have managed to survive this long and overrun an entire planet. Built up to this level, Power of the Herd is an insane Skill to overcome. You either have to get a whole army hammering at them in multiple assault locations to drive down the hit points of the entire herd or…
But for now, I take my time. Spell buffs are cast, just the basics. Health and Mana Regeneration, some physical damage resistance. An Elemental damage spell boost to add a little punch. And that’s about it.
There are other buffs that might work and wouldn’t directly conflict with the buffs I already have. I could even have asked for them from the fleet hanging around in space above. But then I’d have to share the XP. And it wouldn’t be a proper test of what I can do alone.
Me, by myself, to start. Until I tear down enough of the monster herd’s health that it makes sense for the fleet to get involved. I watch the living carpet of scales and furious six-legged monsters, a writhing, heaving mass of anger, and find myself grinning.
There were other options. Other ways of doing this.
Considering everything over the last few months, everything that happened since Katherine’s call, letting loose feels right. That I gain the support of the Erethran Empire as a by-product is a nice bonus.
“You know, cackling madly to yourself isn’t normally considered normal, boy-o,” Ali says.
“Bite me.”
To punctuate my point, I raise my hand and call forth the first of my untested Skills.

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Release Date:

Pages: 1237

Genre: LitRPG Sci-Fi

eBook ISBN: 9781778550935

Language: English

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About The System Apocalypse books 10-12

One last quest, one last mystery

There has always been one last question, one driving motivation for John Lee. Having survived the System Apocalypse on Earth and travelled to the far reaches of the galaxy, the question has always been left unanswered.

What is the System?

Now, John has found a hint. But some questions should not be asked, some secrets cannot be revealed, some answers are too dangerous to be resolved. Knowledge of the information John possesses spreads fast, and the Galactic Council turns on him and Earth.

Friends become enemies, enemies allies and in the final trilogy of the System Apocalypse, John Lee might just get the answer to the question that has plagued him since the start.

But at what cost?

Includes three books in the 
System Apocalypse, a post-apocalyptic series that combines modern day life, aliens, science fiction and fantasy elements along with game mechanics. Does not include harems.

Books included:
  • Broken Council
  • Forbidden Zone
  • System Finale
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