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Adventures on Brad

The Adventurer’s Bond (Adventures on Brad #5)

The Adventurer’s Bond (Adventures on Brad #5)

Written by: Tao Wong
Narrated by: Eric Jason Martin
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Read an Excerpt of The Adventurer’s Bond (Adventures on Brad #5)

The party of five Adventurers traversed the first level of Porthos - one of Silverstone’s three dungeons - carefully, heads swivelling in slow order as they checked their surroundings. The six-foot-wide walkway of stone they walked upon joined one magically-levitated platform to another, crossing empty space at a stomach-churning height. Below, wisps of mist hid and revealed additional platforms and walkways beneath them. On occasion, the screech of an imp or the low chittering sounds of their conversation floated upward to the party.

A stout figure in simple brown and green leather moved at the head of the group, bow held in one hand and a trio of arrows in the other. Occasionally, the figure would stop and crouch low as it stared at the ground before rising and moving forward again with a small wave of their hand. Brown hair, shorn short and rough along the skull, framed a pair of liquid brown eyes, a slightly curved nose and thin lips. A small scar bisected one eyebrow, giving the teenage Ranger a more sinister air.

“We will not clear this floor at this rate,” rumbled Omrak, the large blond barbarian from the North, as he walked behind the Ranger, his massive two-handed sword held in hand and resting on his shoulder. Sheathed alongside his enchanted, soft leather tunic was a trio of throwing axes, held in place by a simple leather baldric. Along one tree-trunk sized leg a short sword hung, appearing deceptively small, like a large knife, strapped to his thigh.
The Ranger stiffened slightly before continuing to move at her original slow pace. Daniel rubbed his nose with his shield hand, briefly blocking his view. In his other hand, the rockbow rested lightly, waiting for Daniel to load and fire the specialized weapon as he trudged just behind Omrak. He looked over at the youngster and decided – once again – against requesting the barbarian to speak softer.

“We’re here to learn to work together, Omrak, not clear the floor,” Daniel consoled the Northerner softly. “I’d rather we learn to do so here than in Artos. At least here we know the dangers.”

“A good decision,” the Mage who walked directly beside Daniel agreed. He turned sideways, smiling ingratiatingly at Daniel while he waved a ringed hand at their surroundings. Daniel noted once again the surprisingly calloused and scarred pair of hands, a contrast to the refined appearance other Mages often showcased. Dark, glistening hair and a beard adorned the Mage’s head, hair once again slicked back by the waving hand after he finished gesturing. “Though our companion’s speed is low.”

“Trap-finding,” Asin, the only Catkin member of the five, said. Her tail waved behind her lazily as she watched the back of the group from her position ten steps behind, her keen senses having picked up the conversation between the trio. Unlike the heavily armed and armored pair, the Catkin had on a light leather brigandine that covered her torso, a short cloak and crisscrossing baldrics of throwing knives across her body. More throwing knives sat on her thighs and upper arms, and a pair of larger knives sat on her hips for close-combat.

“But there is only one type of trap on this floor,” said Omrak. “We should be seeking battle!”

“If you don’t quieten down, I’m sure we’ll find some,” the Mage replied with a grimace and turned back to his side of the walkway to scan for trouble.

“I am quiet, Rob,” Omrak hissed insistently, even going so far as to turn around to glare at the Mage. Instead, he met Daniel’s placid brown eyes.

“Eyes forward, Omrak. You know better,” Daniel said. The Northerner flushed but nodded, swinging back around and hurrying to get back into line, eyeing both the empty skies and the misty clouds below. Eventually, the quintet made their way to a larger, more stable platform where Daniel held a hand up, signalling a stop.

“Alright. I think that’s enough for now. Thank you, Tula,” Daniel said. The Ranger bobbed her head slightly, accepting Daniel’s words and making him smile slightly. Tula amused him as the young lady was a happy, outspoken woman outside the dungeon. But inside, she became as quiet and taciturn as Asin. “It looks like your trap detecting abilities are slower than Asin’s. Maybe it’s because they’re more suited for the outdoors. Either way, I’d like to adjust our positioning.”

“Finally,” Omrak grumbled.

Ignoring the blond, Daniel continued to speak. “Asin, you take the front. Omrak will be behind her, ten feet back. Tula, you and Rob will be in the middle to provide ranged support. I’ll take the back.”

When he received confirmation from the group about their new formation, Daniel smiled. So far, at least, there had not been any major conflicts of personalities. Luckily, they were all Advanced adventurers and as such, each had some modicum of experience in Dungeons. The idiots, the foolhardy hotheads and those who could not work in teams did not often progress past Beginner Dungeons.

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Genre: LitRPG Fantasy

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Language: English


About The Adventurer’s Bond (Adventures on Brad #5)

A new Dungeon. New friends. And more danger than ever.

Daniel Chai's tight-knit adventuring party has now grown with the addition of two new members. The silent Ranger and the maverick Enchanter make for new, interesting dynamics – at a time when the team must face their greatest challenge yet. As one of two teams to enter the newly re-opened Dungeon, the pressure to perform and clear the Dungeon floors have increased.

The Adventurers Bond is book 5 of the Adventures on Brad, a LitRPG young adult LitRPG fantasy series. This book includes a healer, a Catkin, a terse Ranger, a loud barbarian, monsters, dungeons and stat screens.

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