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K.T. Hanna & Tao Wong

The System Apocalypse: Australia Books 1-3.

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More mutated Australian wildlife than you can shake your beam rifle at

When the System arrives, no one is ready. Most of all Kira Kent, plant biologist and single mum. She's pulling an all-nighter, her children in tow when her beloved wildlife begins to mutate.

No more cute koala bears or bouncy kangaroos or fuzzy wallabies. Now, everything is mutated, aggressive and who made the spiders so big? The world's most dangerous continent just got a lot more dangerous, and no one, not even the alien Galactics who arrive are ready for it.

Kira is going to have to pull together a community of survivors to forge a safe zone for her son and daughter, figure out a long term survival plan and make nice with the aliens. Or see everyone and everything she has loved die.

The System Apocalypse: Australia omnibus edition includes the first three books in the series:
  • Town Under
  • Flat Out
  • Bloody Oath
Set in the same universe as Tao Wong's The System Apocalypse and starts in the same time period as Life in the North, but focuses on the changes in the deadliest of continents, Australia. Fans of the original series, LitRPG, fantasy, science-fiction and post-apocalyptic novels will want to take a look.

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