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The System Apocalypse

The System Apocalypse: Books 7-9

The System Apocalypse: Books 7-9

Written by: Tao Wong
Narrated by: Nick Podehl
Audiobook Length: 33 hours and 43 minutes
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Read an Excerpt of The System Apocalypse: Books 7-9

=Chapter 1=

Watching the stars flash by on the observation deck is a strange experience. In hyperspace, they stop being a single point of light but instead become streaks that appear and disappear as we cross unimaginable distances in the blink of an eye. The journey to Praxis is about a week in, but I still haven’t gotten enough of the sight. It reminds me, again and again, how small I am and how unimaginably vast the universe is.
Not that it’s my first time out of Earth’s solar system, but being Portaled directly across thousands of light years isn’t the same thing at all. There’s no sense of journey that way, no sense of growing wonder. This trip feels more real. More… momentous.
Mikito’s voice brings my head up to stare at the little Japanese woman. She has cut her hair again, turning it into a short bob. She’s dressed in what I call adventurer chic—dark, armored jumpsuit with holstered beam pistol and knife on her hips made from monster parts and nano-modified thread. Her usual weapon, the naginata Hitoshi, is stored away at the request of the captain. Something about too-sharp weapons in his fragile ship.
“You’re back. You win?” I say, raising an eyebrow as I lean up against the standing table.
Ever since Mikito found out that there’s a virtual, holographic projector of the fighting arenas onboard, she’s spent a good portion of the trip there. I tried it once, but the disparity of having your virtual life points deducted for blows you never felt was too much for me. Even if my life is like a game in some ways, playing a game in the game of my life is a little too meta for me.
“I did.”
“Great.” I acknowledge the notification that arrives a moment later that informs me my hundred-Credit bet on Mikito has paid out. A sizeable betting pool revolves around the virtual games. And a good bet is a good bet.
“John Lee and Mikito Sato.” The cultured voice cuts off any further conversation as both of us turn. In front of us is a grizzled older man, curly hair speckled with grey and shorn tight against his scalp, highlighting his dark umber black-brown skin. The man wears a multi-pocketed vest and cargo pants while offering us a friendly smile. The British accent is familiar, though I struggle to place it. “And of course, the Spirit Ali.”
Purely by instinct, I eye the rest of the viewing room. Set against an outer hull, the glass—or whatever clear material they use to create the viewing walls—provides an amazing view. A part of me wonders if it’s even clear. They might just be very good screens reflecting what is outside. If so, it’s an amazing illusion.
The illusion is so good that this and the other three viewing rooms on the observation deck are filled with the various Galactic guests of the merchant cruiser we are shipping with. Even if the merchant ship is mostly meant for cargo, it’s large enough to carry slightly over two hundred passengers in its various cabins without impacting its main task. Though, I’m led to understand, some of the less-expensive cabins are no better than jail cells. Around us, the Galactics are a mixture of the exotic, the bizarre, and the familiar. Truinnar mix with Yerrick, Dwarves stand elbow to elbow with Akkorokamui squid humanoids in full-body water suits while Lilitu—avian-humanoids with bird legs—talk to Pooskeens. Galactic civilization at its finest.
Ali looks up from where he floats in his pint-size form at my shoulder and does a double-take. He flicks his hand slightly, dismissing System screens that no one else can see, as he stares at our new guest. “Oh wow. It’s you! I mean, I knew you were onboard. But whoa!”
“You know him?” I say with a frown, tilting my head toward the starstruck Spirit.
“You don’t?” Mikito says, shaking her head. She puts her hand out to shake the stranger’s. “Good to see you, Harry.”
Well, I got that part. I stare at the notification information above Harry then watch as Ali updates it further for my use. Oh. Oh…

Harry Prince, the Unfiltered Eye (War Correspondent Level 39)
HP: 520/520
MP: 1780/1780
Conditions: Reporter’s Luck, Nose for Trouble, Just a Bystander

“Oh! You,” I say, realizing who he is when I see the full details of his Status. I might be somewhat ignorant about those who made a name for themselves during my absence, but Harry is a special case. For one thing, I recall seeing him at various battle sites in the last year. Curious that I didn’t remember him being at those sites till now.
“That’d be his Skill, boy-o.” Ali sends to me telepathically, reading the slight changes in my facial expression with the ease of a long-time companion.
I swear, we’re like an old couple sometimes, picking up on the unsaid. Except, you know, without the sex. Wait. Old people have sex, right? Actually, never mind. I’m glad for the distraction as Ali populates Harry’s Skill information for me.

Skill: Just a Bystander
A rare non-Combat Skill that will allow non-combat personnel and observers to traverse through battlefields and other combat regions with greater safety. This Skill hides the User from casual observation as well as reduces the effect of indiscriminate attacks.
Effect: User sees a +500% increase in Stealth, Disguise, and Camouflage skill levels while this Skill is active. Untargeted attacks and spells have a 50% reduction in effect on User. Additionally, memory and area-of-effect mental manipulation Skills and spells must be specifically targeted at User. Lastly, memories of User will be obscured until active recollection or trigger event occurs.

“Yes, me,” Harry says with a smile. “I was hoping to speak with you both.”
“Why?” I ask suspiciously. If he had a tape recorder, I’d be giving it the stink-eye, but I’m willing to bet Harry’s got an equivalent Skill for that. Who needs physical toys when the System works just as well? If not better.
“It seems like the rumors are true,” Harry says, keeping that reassuring smile on his face. “But you need not worry. I’m not looking to make you the target of my reports. At least, not directly.”
“Then what do you want?” I ask while Mikito stays silent, sipping on her newly delivered orange slushy cocktail, and watches the interplay.
“You know I’m part of the diplomatic press corp, right? Well, technically. But the fact is, there’re a half-dozen reporters setting up to follow the ambassador around, covering all the politics,” Harry said. “But the minutiae of politics, that’s never been my thing.”
“Blood and guts is yours. And you figure following Mikito and me will get you that,” I say, my lips tightening.
“Some respect there, John! Harry Prince is more than a blood-and-guts reporter! He’s an award-winning reporter who did amazing exposés about your pre-System world. The Unfiltered Eye has shot some of the best works for Earth since the System arrived. He’s even been considered for an Ummi,” Ali interrupts, waving. “An Ummi!”

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About The System Apocalypse: Books 7-9

New world, old assholes. One good ass-kicking

The Galactic capital of Irvina is a place of deep politics and old, entrenched power structures. If there’s one thing John doesn’t do, it’s injustice and bureaucracy.

Arriving in the capital, John finds a world just as unfair to its citizens as it was to humanity. Now, the retired Adventurer has to choose if he’ll return to battling for those who are unable to fight themselves or if he’ll pursue the System Quest quietly and peacefully.

Either way, people are going to get hurt.

Includes three books in the System Apocalypse, a post-apocalyptic series that combines modern day life, aliens, science fiction and fantasy elements along with game mechanics. Does not include harems.

Books included:
  • Stars Awoken
  • Rebel Star
  • Stars Asunder 
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